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Staying Grounded When Your 'Grounded' !

So your Grounded ! for foreseeable weeks to come... Your stuck at home with your family and/or your thoughts. It's easy to let yourself feel trapped and isolated from your 'normal' excursions. Though you have been given this rare opportunity to spend quality time with the people you love, make memories without having to rush off to work or worry about all the things on your To Do List.

YES, there may be times you want to storm out that door and go get yourself a decent coffee, but this is your chance to work with these challenges to hopefully come out of this Stronger, Grounded, and deeper Connected to the YOUR Life. 

Here are some Tips you can practice during this opportunity of growth to stay Grounded and get to know yourself on a deeper level. 


#1 DIRTy Feet -Stick your feel on the ground, quite literally grounding yourself and may feel strange if your used to wearing shoes all the time. if you have a place, maybe your back yard, where you can take off your shoes, feel the grass/dirt, maybe even sit under a tree. Nature is a pat of us, if we submerse ourselves IN nature we are connecting our deepest selves with the earth and everything else seems unimportant.

#2 Sage it UP! -Have you got White Sage?? if so burn it, though use it sparingly as you cant buy anymore until lock down period is over. Just enough to lift the energy of your home. when everyone is in each others space all the time, energy needs shifting a lot more or it builds up and creates tension. 

#3 Your Bubble- Sit with yourself, if you can. Focus on ONE thing that you are feeling grateful for at this time and imagine it being surrounded by light and the feeling of LOVE. Do the same thing with something that you feel needs some work in your home-(could be having more patience with your kids, or needing some time for yourself). Meditate with these thought as often as you can, but remember to always surround the situation with the feeling of love, so your not just sitting, dwelling on negative situations.

#4 CreATE -Create something, this could be baking, cooking, crafting, playing with your children. Use your hands and create something from scratch. Humans are designed to create, even if you think your no good at it. this doesn't matter, it's all about giving it a go and laughing along the way.

#5 Smell, with Song- If you have some scents at home that you love- could be oils, incense, even your fav perfume- make your space smell delicious. Whats your fav music? what makes you FEEL and groove with it? mix these 2 together and you have Heaven! Move your body however you wish (with or without your family) whilst breathing in those lovely scents.  Let the energy flow through your body, however you feel necessary.

Above all remember to ENJOY these moments