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Tribal Soul Incense Sticks
Tribal Soul Incense Sticks

Tribal Soul Incense-15 Sticks

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Need some Delicious scents in your home? these Incense sticks are just what you need. 

each pack contains 15 sticks.

White Copal- Made with rsins extracted from the Bursera family. The Mayans used to offer Copal to the Gods as one of the valuable things along with Tobacco and cocoa. Used in Shamanic ceremonies for energetic protection, offering and cleansing.

White Sage- A plant from the Mint family, used in purification ceremonies and healing sessions, considered a sacred plant. for blessings, healings and releasing negative energies.

Palo Santo- 'Holy Wood' from Peru, same family as Copal, Myrrh and Frankincense. Used to prepare for meditations, shaman rituals for soothing and calming purposes. 

Myrrh- from a resin from the Commiphora tree, normally used as a perfume, incense and medicine. Used to enhance the ability to connect with the divine. used in Prayer and protection rituals, has a warm, spicy scent for upliftment.