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Polished Crystal Tumbles Bulk
Polished Crystal Tumbles Bulk
Crystal Tumbles-Bulk Mixed

Crystal Tumbles-Bulk Mixed

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Bulk mixed tumbles. 10-20 different TYPES of crystals.

NO DYED Crystals 

NO MAN MADE crystals

First photo- small crystals

small bag- Approx 110g - 130 plus stones

large bag- Approx 250g - 280 plus stones

Sizes approx 5mm-15mm long


Second photo- CHIPS

small bag - Approx 110g

large bag - Approx 250g

 1-4mm long


3rd Photo- Large crystals

Large bag of 10 Crystals - Approx 250-300g - Size - 2.5-4cm long

Crystals layed out  in the photo (not in a bag) is the selection that fits in a small bag

comes in a organza bag

Crystals that may be in your mix:

Jaspers, Quartz, Citrine, Amethyst, green aventurine, yellow aventurine, tigers eye, tigers iron, rose quartz, carnelian, Agate, pink agate, botswana agate, sodalite, moonstone, Rhodonite. there are many more though are a lot less available. 

BARGAIN - these stones would normally cost .10 - .50 each for the smalls. Large normally $2-$4 each.

saving you Heaps!