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100% Natural NZ Clay for the face or body.

3 choices of Clay


Kaolin Clay

Helps to absorb excess oil and clean off dead cells to leave you with a soft smooth complexion. perfect for sensitive skin types. enough clay for 50 plus facial masks.


Sodium Bentonite Clay

Same as above though tougher on skin conditions such as Ance, rosacea, rashes, chicken pox, eczema and any other skin condition where its nessacary to draw out inpurities. enough clay for 50 plus facial masks.


Charcoal Peel off mask

mix with water and let dry completly, peel off and youll see dirt leaving your pores. not harsh for the skin so doesnt rip layers of skin off like some of the others on the market. Leaves your skin ingredibly soft and clean, makes make up go on easy and blend better. (This product is for the face only and must not be used on open acne or hairy areas) 

enough for 25 plus facial masks.

Clay- Face & Body