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Garry Hamnett


An Oracle is a form of wise guidance. A way to have direct communication with SPIRIT and your higher self for the highest of good. 

The spirit is always guiding us, always ready to communicate wisdom, quite often through signs in nature, all animals and insects, whether two or multi-legged, feathered or finned, from water, earth or sky. These all have potential to deliver a special message aligned with your authentic need, arriving at just the right time and place. 

Welcome to the world of Animal Oracle Knowledge. 

Animal Totem Readings


Available  Saturdays

Garry Hamnett


Learn the best Technique for YOU. Gain knowledge of different ways you can shut of your mind and focus within. Find your own answers and help heal your mind, body and soul.

Join our Small friendly group of like minded people.

Class is every Saturday Morning With Garry


$10 per person



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Hypnotherapy & Tarot Readings

Kymberley Carter-Paige is a 'Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapist', professional speaker and author. Specialising in helping you to change the neuropathways in your brain to remove blockages from living the life of your dreams and to help make you happier.

Kymberley can help you change this by accessing the subconscious mind and helping you to delete the negativity in your life.

Available 9.30am-4.30pm by AppointmentThursdays

What's Hypnosis?https://www.facebook.com/647118322/posts/10156189337278323/

Sacred Spirit

Intuitive Readings and guidance

Available Fridays from 11-4pm by appointment.

$2 per minute = $60 for half hr

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